[Tales of Nebezem] Four Fates – Ending #1 (Usurp Alacres) Walkthrough

Part of the Tales of Nebezem Series. Kongregate. There are 4 endings and different tasks depending on the path you choose. In this path, Marcus decides to kill his clan’s Chief and Grand Magus to become Alacres’ Chief.

Ending 4  |  Table of Contents  |  Ending 2

1. Go south and enter the Women’s House to the west.
2. After Antonia’s greeting, talk to her again.

★ Path Choice ★
Do you agree with your mother and want to usurp power for yourself?
Yes, I choose this path. (✓)
No, I’ll find another way.

3. Go out of the house. Leave the clan through the northwest and go to Oasis Vitae, which is to the southwest.


Oasis Vitae
1. Talk to the gnome by the large magic circle.
      ✯ Xev (Gnome): 3 Sapphires for a Dampening Amulet
2. Talk to the gnome to the north of the pots
      ✯ Plürd (Gnome): Arrange the 12 pots of flowers such that flowers of the same colour touch each other. At the end of the test, all pots must be on the grass.
3. Arrange the flowers as shown in the image below. Put the last pot at the empty space next to Marcus.
ToN - FF.png
4. Talk to Plürd when you’re done (+Getaway powder, +Stone Tablet 1/4)
5. Leave the oasis and go to Veraces.


1. Talk to the orange-haired girl
      ✯ Veronica (Painter): 3 Paintings, each from a different clan, for a Sapphire.
2. Talk to the pink-haired girl
      ✯ Lucilla: Give a red rose to Jonas, the primus, in the villa.
3. Go east to the next map (Warrior’s Area), then go north and talk to the guard in red. Enter the chief’s residence.
4. Talk to the orange-haired Primus Jonas and give him Lucilla’s rose (+Ruby)
5. Leave Veraces for Pyromilites.


1. Go east until you see an orange-brown haired guy surrounded by goods. Talk to him.
      ✯ Domitius : A gemstone that’s more precious than sapphire for a Sapphire
2. Trade him the Ruby (+Sapphire 1/3).
3. Go to the Tower of Magi north of Domitius. Wait till the guard isn’t facing you. Stand on the shadow beside the blue circle and press ‘H’ or click the icon on the bottom right corner to hide in the shadow. Grab the blue circle (+Stone Tablet 2/4).
4. Go east to the Women’s Area. Talk to the blonde lady in the Laundry Room.
      ✯ Cecilia: Perfume for a Painting
5. Leave Pyromilites and return to Veraces.


1. Go east to the Warriors’ Area, then go south and enter the Tower of Magi. Grab the red triangle on one of the tables (+Stone Tablet 3/4).
2. Leave the tower and enter the Brothel to the east. Talk to Mariana and agree to kiss her (+Perfume).
3. Leave Veraces for Pyromilites.


1. Go east to the Women’s Area. Give Cecilia the perfume. Get the bright pink flower painting around her north (+Painting 1/3)
2. Leave Pyromilites and go to Alacres.


1. Talk to Tiberius, outside the house towards the southeast (+Stone Tablet 4/4).
2. Go to the Women’s House to the southwest and enter it. Talk to Valentina (+Painting 2/3)
3. Leave Alacres and go to Praxipolis.


1. Talk to the artist to the east, before the barracks.
      ✯ Felix: Show appreciation for his art and he’ll give you a painting
2. Examine Felix’s 3 finished paintings and talk to him again.

I’ve painted a landscape with a castle. Which town can you see in the painting?
Drakfort (✓)
I don’t know.

I’ve painted a portrait of a girl I know. What’s the color of her eyes?
Green (✓)
I don’t know.

One of my paintings is a depiction of the coat of arms of a clan. Which clan is it?
The Pyromilites
The Alacres
The Veraces (✓)
The Praxipolitans
I don’t know.

3. Take the painting of the girl (+Painting 3/3).
4. Move north. You’ll see some colorful symbols with 4 blank shapes at the top. Step on a blank shape tile and insert the corresponding Stone Tablet from Marcus’ inventory into it. Do the same for the remaining 3 tiles. You should end up with Red Triangle, Yellow Square, Green Hexagon and Blue Circle from left to right respectively.
5. Interact with the symbols such that all symbols in a column corresponds to the tablet at the top of the column.
6. Interact with the rotary switches between the columns.

ton - ff_sapphire-01-01.jpg

  • Interact with F twice, B once, A thrice, E twice, D twice. Red column is done.
  • F once, E once, B thrice. Yellow column is done.
  • C once, F once, C thrice. Green and blue columns are done.

7. Take the Sapphire to the east (+Sapphire 2/3).
8. In the prison, use Getaway to create a portal. Step into it. Go to Veraces.


1. Give Veronica the Paintings (+Sapphire 3/3).
2. Leave for Oasis Vitae.


Oasis Vitae
1. Give Xev the Sapphires (+Dampening Amulet)
2. Return to Alacres


1. Go to the chief’s residence to the northeast.
2. Kill Fabius Alacer, the man standing by the red orb.
3. Kill the chief on the bed.


Ending #1 – Ambiguous Achievement
Marcus ruled the Alacres relatively wisely. But having lost the grand magus and the experienced chief, the clan was significantly weakened. It was in grave danger of being wiped out by the other clans.

When Valentina found out that Marcus decided to kill the grand magus as well as the sick chief, she felt disenchanted and started avoiding Marcus.

Eventually, most clan members were recruited into the Praxipolitan army to fight against lizardmen. Marcus lived a lonely life and when he died, he was the last of the Alacres.

Ending 4  |  Table of Contents  |  Ending 2


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