[Tales of Nebezem] Four Fates – Ending #2 (Work with Veraces) Walkthrough

Part of the Tales of Nebezem Series. Kongregate. There are 4 endings and different tasks depending on the path you choose. In this path, Marcus works with an ally clan, Veraces.

Ending 1  |  Table of Contents  |  Ending 3

Leave the clan through the west and go to Veraces, which is to the southwest.


1. Go east to the next map (Warrior’s Area), then go north and talk to the guard in red. Enter the chief’s residence.
2. Talk to Chief Verax. He gives you an offer.

★ Path Choice ★
Do you want to make a deal with the Veraces in exchange for an antidote?
Yes, I accept. (✓)
No, I decline.

3. If you talk to Chief Verax again, he gives a tip: Pyromiles is usually with his primus so you need to find a way to distract him.
4. Leave the residence and go west. Grab the green Sanitia herb against the building and above the large pink flower on the ground (+Sanitia 1/5).
5. Leave Veraces. At the world map, grab the Sanitia near the abandoned village northeast of the oasis (+Sanitia 2/5). Go to Alacres.


1. Go east to the fenced-up green area with flowers within. Grab the Sanitia between the fence and the thatched house (+Sanitia 3/5)
2. Go southwest to the Women’s House. If you talk to Antonia, Marcus’ mother. She gives some tips: get armor from Pyromilites and equipment from the barracks in Praxipolis.
3. Talk to Valentina, the other woman in the building. (+Jade Necklace)
4. Leave Alacres and go to the watchtower south of Praxipolis. Grab the Sanitia to the east of the watchtower (+Sanitia 4/5). Enter Praxipolis.


1. Enter the barracks (the only building).
2. Talk to the white-haired man
      ✯ Bjarni Halvorsson (the Windel): 1 Snakeskin for a Swift Dagger
3. Return to Veraces.


1. Go east to the Warrior’s Area, then east again to the Ore Quarries. Marcus isn’t fast enough to kill the snakes.
2. Return to the Warrior’s Area and talk to any of the 2 men sitting at the Café dining area. Corvus says he’ll kill the three-headed snakes and joins your party. Go to the quarry again.
3. Eliminate the snakes with Corvus’ spell without coming close to them. You could remain standing in front of Marcus and shoot when the snakes come into the line of fire. Or use hit and run tactics. The immediate area around Marcus is like a safe zone. Talk to Marcus when you’re done killing the snakes.
4. After Corvus leaves, interact with any of the snake corpses (+Snakeskin).
5. Grab the Sanitia at the bottom right corner (+Sanitia 5/5).
6. Go to the Tower of Magi and enter it. Talk to the pink-haired magus.
      ✯ Basilius (Magus): 5 Sanitia for a scroll of Burning.
7. Give Basilius the Sanitia (+Scrolls of Burning x3)
8. Leave for Oasis Vitae.


Oasis Vitae
1. Talk to the gnome by the large magic circle.
      ✯ Xev (Gnome): 1 Jade Necklace
2. Give her the Jade Necklace (+Laxative)
3. Leave the for Praxipolis.


1. Go to the Barracks and talk to Bjarni Halvorsson. Give him the Snakeskin (+Swift Dagger)
2. Leave for Pyromilites.


1. Talk to the guard in blue and enter the chief’s residence. Talk to the chief. Marcus realises that the dinner could make a good distraction. Leave the residence.
2. Go east and talk to Claudius, the guy surrounded by weapons and armour. Give him a Scroll of Burning. Marcus’ HP increases to 3 with the armour.
3. Go further east to the next map (Women’s Area). Enter the kitchen and talk to Dulcia, the cook. She says the food on the table is for the chief.
4. Stand in any shadow adjacent to the pizza and press ‘H’ or click the icon at the bottom right corner to hide in the shadow. Use the laxative in Marcus’ inventory.
5. After the cutscene, enter the chief’s residence again.
6. Kill the primus Cyprian Pyromiles.


1. Use the Scroll of Burning. Kill the guard.
2. Go to the adjacent prison cell on the right. Open the gate and enter the cell. Get the hammer (+Hammer)
3. Go north of that cell and get the green Sanitia near the short stairs (+Sanitia). Use the Sanitia. Marcus’ HP will be restored to 3.
4. Continue north and use Hammer to smash the barrier.
5. Interact with the 2 lanterns to break them, casting shadows on the opposite wall.
6. Head south and down the short stairs. Go west and stand in the shadow. Use Marcus’ Hide skill.
7. Still hidden in the shadow, move north until you’re next to the guard. Kill him.
8. Go north. The wooden door is locked. Use the last Scroll of Burning and leave. Go to Veraces.


1. Enter the chief’s residence and talk to Chief Verax.
2. Leave the building and go south to the Tower of Magi. Talk to the potion maker, Iosephus (+Antidote)
3. Return to Alacres


Enter the chief’s residence to the northeast. Interact with the chief lying on the bed to give him the antidote.


Ending #2 – Clan Coalition
The Alacer and Verax clans began working together, which made them both stronger. The Pyromiles clans, having lost their main military strategist, became less of a threat to the other clans in the region.

Marcus performed well in his new role as primus and lived a fulfilled life with Valentina by his side.

Ending 1  |  Table of Contents  |  Ending 3


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