[Tales of Nebezem] Four Fates – Ending #3 (Defect to Pyromilites) Walkthrough

Part of the Tales of Nebezem Series. Kongregate. There are 4 endings and different tasks depending on the path you choose. In this path, Marcus decides to abandon Alacres and defect to Pyromilites.

Ending 2  |  Table of Contents  |  Ending 4

Leave the clan through the west and go to Pyromilites.


1. Talk to the guard in blue and enter the chief’s residence.
2. Talk to Chief Pyromiles:

★ Path Choice ★
Do you want to betray your clan and defect to the Pyromilites?
Yes, I accept. (✓)
No, I decline.

3. If you talk to Primus Cyprian, the other guy in the room, he advises Marcus to attack from the shadows to defeat the shades.
4. Leave the residence and head east, past the well. Talk to Claudius, the armor keeper near the Village Garden. The armour he gives Marcus increases his HP from 2 to 3.
5. Leave Pyromilites and head to Praxipolis.

Note: If you return to Alacres and talk to Antonia, Marcus’ mother (in the Women’s House) she gives you a tip: Kill Cornelius, the weakest shade, first and take his equipment. He’s in Praxipolis.


1. The target, Cornelius, is standing in front of the four stone columns. Stand in the shadow of the wall west of the columns, in the same row as Cornelius. Press ‘H’ or click the icon at the bottom right corner to hide in the shadow.
2. Wait till Cornelius walks beside Marcus. Interact with him and choose to kill (Shade 1/4). The armour Marcus gets from Cornelius increases his HP from 3 to 4.
3. Marcus’ HP is 1/4 now. Leave Praxipolis. There’s a watchtower to the south of Praxipolis. Grab the Sanitia to its east (+Sanitia). Open Marcus’ inventory and use a Sanitia. This restores his HP to 4. Go to Veraces.


1. Go east to the Warriors’ Area. Go east until you’re at the well surrounded by palm trees, then go south to the Brothel that’s next to the Tower of Magi. Enter it.
2. Grab the large pink perfume next to the dressing table (+Perfume).
3. Octavius, the shade, is opposite a blonde lady. Notice that there’s no shadow near him. Leave the Brothel and go northwest. Talk to the man at the Café dining area.
      ✯ Fido (assassin): Get his tobacco from the gorge in the quarry and he’ll lend Marcus a Stealth Ring.
4. Go east to the Ore Quarries. Grab the Sanitia at the bottom right corner (+Sanitia).
5. Go to the gorge next to a cactus and a dead tree. If you interact with it, Marcus says he’ll need a rope.
6. Leave Veraces for Alacres.


1. Talk to Tiberius in front of the house to the southeast (+Rope).
2. Return to Veraces.


1. Go to the gorge at the Ore Quarries. Tie the rope to the dead tree next to the gorge, then interact with the tied rope and Marcus will climb down (+Tobacco).
2. Return to Fido and talk to him (+Stealth Ring).
3. Go to the Brothel and enter it. Walk to Octavius and kill him (Shade 2/4).
5. Use a Sanitia to restore Marcus’ HP.
6. You can return the ring to Fido or leave Veraces directly. He’ll get the ring back from you. Go to Pyromilites.
7. Leave Veraces. At the world map, go straight north and grab the Sanitia near an abandoned village (+Sanitia). Go to Oasis Vitae.


Oasis Vitae
1. If you talk to Attitcus the shade, he tells you that the cure should appear on the stone slab near the water.
2. Go to the aforementioned stone slab and put the perfume on it. Kill Atticus (Shade 3/4).
3. Use a Sanitia to restore Marcus’ HP.
4. Leave the oasis for Pyromilites.


1. The final shade is at the Village Garden south of the chief’s residence.
2. Pick up a crate and place it two tiles away from Maximus. Pick up the other crate and place it on top of the first. The resulting shadow is large enough for Marcus to hide in.
ton - ff_maximus.png
3. Hide in the shadow and kill Marcus.
4. Enter the chief’s residence and talk to the chief.


Ending #3 – Switching Sides
After losing the chief, the primus and all their shades, the Alacres could offer no resistance. The Pyromilites killed the rest of their men and turned their women in to servants of the lowest caste.

The Pyromiles clan grew stronger and soon beame the most powerful force in the region. Later, they started waging a war against Praxipolis, weakening the human efforts to suppress the lizardmen invasion.

Marcus became one of the more famous Pyromiles warriors and lived a life of relative luxury. Yet, he could never shake off the feeling that had he made different choices, he would have been a lot happier.

Ending 2  |  Table of Contents  |  Ending 4


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