[Wolf’s Bane] Walkthrough

List of clues and answers for Wolf’s Bane, an interactive detective fiction set in the same world as Medieval Cop. This game stars Ada Graceheart and timeline-wise it’s before the InVidia Games. Kongregate.

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Enter the next map through the door to the north.

Find Clues
1. Walking Cane — leaning against the desk (directly west of Duke and southwest of the Bar Owner)
2. Old Portraits — picture frames on the desk
3. Quill(Pen) and Book — open book on the desk (stand north of the chair to trigger the ‘!’)
4. The Scratched Door — door by the right wall
5. Suspicious Suspect — talk to the Bar Owner (left side of the room, near Duke)
6. The Murder Weapon — when investigating the victim, click on the spear
7. Bloody Footprints — when investigating the victim, click the red footprints by the blood splatter on the floor
8. Unexplained Blood Splatter — when investigating the victim, click on the only splatter on the fireplace
9. Motive for Murder — talk to Anderson, the purple-haired guy with an eyepatch (right side of the room)

Talk to Anderson again
Did you finish writing everything down?
Yes, I wrote everything down (✓)
I should look some more


Why do you think he’s not the murderer?
He doesn’t have the guts.
He wasn’t here.
He has a weak back. (✓)
He was sleeping.
The Ghost told me.

The Bar Owner—-
…has a brain condition.
…has no hands.
…has Carpal Tunnel.
…is Left Handed. (✓)
…is Paraplegic.moshimushi.wordpress.com

There is proof that another person was in this room. The answer lies—
…on the Door. (✓)
…on the Table.
…on the Body.
…on the Spear.
…in his Pocket.

Nice try, but there is another proof of a third person being involved. The proof of the third person is—
…the Door.
…the Quill.
…the Case File.
…the Portraits.
…the blood splatter. (✓)


Find a person with red eyes among the group.

Then why would the Bar Owner try to protect him unless… Unless they are—
Related. (✓)

Oh, but the proof of it, is in this very room. And that is…?
…in the Portraits. (✓)
…in the Book.
…on the Cane.
…in the Blood.
…on the Body.

Why is he going so far to protect him? It’s because our real killer—-
…was here.
…is dangerous.
…was sleeping.
…is innocent.
…has a family. (✓)

The motive for the murder is—
A Will.
Money. (✓)

The Clue that proves you are the murderer is—
The Spear.
The Blood Splatter. (✓)
The Cane.
The Dead Body.
The Piano.

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