[Medieval Cop – The Princess and the Grump] Walkthrough

The Princess and the Grump is the 3rd game of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). Kongregate. This walkthrough includes answers to questions.

Table of Contents

{+ Dregg, Ina, Mina [profiles]}
{+ Police Badge [evidence]}

– Dregg’s House –
Open the chest to the right.

{+ Telmor Street [evidence]}

– Telmor Street & City –
1. Go right along the path to the next map.
2. There are wayfinders in some of the maps which helps in navigating to the Royal Palace. Follow the path right, then down to the next map.
3. Follow the path left to the next map.
4. Follow the path left, then move down when you see the horse and finally go right at the junction, to the next map.
5. Go right to the next map.


– Riverside –
– Medieval Debate –

The Soldier blocks Dregg’s way…
1. Talk > Try distracting him
2. Talk > Ask him how his day was…
3. Act > Dance

{+ Felicia Lionheart, Ethan and Emily [profiles]}

4. Go right to the next map.
5. Interact with the gate to open it.

{+ Merchant Dulard [profiles]}
{+ Councelor Icelot, Captain Buldark [profiles]}
{+ Royal Palace [evidence]}


– Royal Palace –

Go right to the next map.


– Princess Sarah’s room –

Polly has lost his mind.
Act > Punch/kick him thrice

{+ Polly, Soldier Captain and Princess Sarah [profiles]}
{+ Buldark’s Testimony [evidence]}

Talk & Interact
– Polly {+ Polly’s Testimony [evidence]}
– Martha, the maid {+ Maid Martha [profile], + Martha’s Testimony, Security Detail [evidences]}
– Chest next to Martha {+ Empty Chest [evidence]}
– Open book near the chest {+ Lyrics Book [evidence]}
– Broken statue at the upper left corner {+ Broken Statue [evidence]}
– Presents to the south of the statue {+ Giant Presents [evidence]}
– After the cut scene, check the broken statue.

In this room, the items close to that is—
Empty Chest
Presents for Princess (✓)
Disguised as Maid
Under The Bed

The Culprit has the ability to stay motionless for hours, so the most practical disguise for her was—
A Doll
A Puppet
A Teddy Bear
A Statue (✓)

{+ Eva, Tira Lawford, Gru Valerious [profiles]}
{+ Lawyer case file [evidence]}

1. Leave the princess’s room
2. Take the left path to the Royal Court

{+ Parchment [evidence]}
{+ King Frake, four Councillors [profiles]}

1. Gru, the lime green hair guy.
2. King Frake

I thought so too, until I stumbled upon this clue—
Empty Chest
Lawyer Case
Parchment (✓)

The numbers are probably referring to—
King’s Height
Date (✓)

I believe the symbol is of—
King (✓)

I think the corners of the box are suppose to represent—
The Kingdom Map
The Four Councillors (✓)

Talk to all four councillors
{+ Raven’s Testimony, Raven’s Comments}
{+ Lore’s Testimony, Lore’s Comments}
{+ Eisen’s Testimony, Eisen’s Comments, Eisen’s Turnip Ship}
{+ Abbott’s Testimony, Abbott’s Comments}


– Rooftop –
– Medieval Debate –

The reason you managed to enter the room was because the room was opened by this person from the inside—
Princess Sarah
Eva (✓)
King Frake

Eva was disguised as this person—
Princess Sarah
Eisen (✓)
King Frake

These two evidences clash with each other—
Lyrics book (✓)
Raven’s Testimony
Sir Abbott’s Comments
Broken Statue

Eisen’s Comments
Polly’s Testimony
Dregg’s Badge
Room Security
Raven’s Comments (✓)
Lawyer Case File

Tell me the lyrics of this song—
Desire (✓)
Rising Moon
Soul of an Angel


I think I have a vague idea.
Sir Eisen
Sir Abbott (✓)
Sir Lore

Table of Contents


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