[Detective’s Choice] V3 Walkthrough

V3 Ranks
1350+ – Cool cat, loved by the skirts
1050+ – Good noggin, nice keister
800+ – On the level PI
500+ – Sucker sleuth
<500 – Daisy punk

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Volume 3: Jack Jericho and the Yellow King, by William Miller

Take Brentwood (cool +1)
Take Lincoln

Use the sidewalk
Use the horn (cool +1)
Hang a right

Hide behind the door (cool +2)
Retreat down the steps

Tell him the truth (cool +1)
Convince him of danger
Lie to him

Use the candelabra (life -2, cool +3)
Shoot it
Hurry to the side aisle

Use your gun
Crawl under the pews (cool +2)

(life -5, rage +5)
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Quiet and slow (cool +1)
Call for backup
Draw your gun

(life +5, Become Werewolf! Achievement)

Guess horse
Guess car
Guess violin (cool +1)

Go for broke (cool +1)
The usual
Give the damsel discount
Send her packing

Ask for 200
Ask for 100 (money +100)

Sewn-shut mouth suspect
Wants to harm her career
Suspect driven by money (cool +1)

(money -1)

The dairy queen (cool +1, rage -1, money -2)
The blond bombshell
The dancing flapper

2$ bribe
7$ bribe
10$ bribe (money -10)

Mind his own business
Tell him about the bite (rage -1)
Say you are stressed

Follow them inside
Circle around
Peek through the window (cool +2, life -1 later)

Say you’re a cop
Wisecrack (life -2, cool +2)
Say you’re a detective

Bribe the driver
Bluff the driver
Turn and attack (cool +3, life -3)

Let Dmitri go
Wound him (cool +1, rage +1)
Threaten him

(cool +1)
(money -5)
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

(life +2)

All business
Use humor (cool +1)
Flat refuse

Sucker punch him
Confront him (cool +1)
Play copper

Threaten him with gun
Use wrestling moves
Box him (life -1, cool +2)

Lie to him
Level with him (cool +1)
Threaten him

‘Nice to see you too.’
‘Lovely robe, doll.’ (cool +1)
‘Awfully glad to be alive.’

Suck in your gut (rage -1)
Poke her
Assure her of your potential
A PI’s work is in the mind

Ask about bandages
Straight forward (cool +1, rage -1)

Girls aplenty (cool +1, rage -1)
On your own
Truth about Rose

No (cool +1)

(life +2)

Investigate the jade box
Go to the library (cool +1)

Tell the truth (cool +1)
Give her cash
Secret codes

Creep quietly
Stand your ground (cool +2)
Call her name

Have her duck (cool +3, life -1)
Throw Ellie to the side

Go to the police
Go to Ellie’s apartment
Go to your office (cool +1)
Find a gypsy

Vent your anger
Play it cool (cool +1)

A beer
A scotch
Nothing, thanks (cool +1)


Bottle rage (cool +1, rage +1)
Curse him
Hurt him

(life +4)

life: 8, cool: 42, rage: 2, money: 72
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Ask Ellie to flash
Threaten Zoltar
Offer girly magazine

The circus freaks
The wax museum
The carousel

Dive between his legs (cool +1)
Leap backwards
Shoot strong man

Kick (cool +2, life -3)

Intimidate Pasha
Drink up
Ask Pasha to tell you (cool +1)

Scream a warning
Save the gypsy (cool +1)
Wait and see

(money -10)

Heidi Redtree (cool +2)
Ellie’s ex
Bill Bonanno

Pay admission (money -6)
Ask after Heidi
Ask Ellie to pay

Turn on the Jericho charm
Tell about the curse
Promise to pay

Simple and direct (cool +1)
Play tough
Car fanatic

Fight (cool +2)
Pull your gun (life -4)
Say you are a cop (cool -2, life -2)

Block the wrench (life -2, life -2 later)
Shoot Eddy (life -4)
Duck the wrench (life -2, life -2 later)

Promise a doctor (cool +2)
Coddle Eddy
Rough up Eddy

life: 1
walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

Travel on foot
Travel by car

Use fire axe
Find a hiding place
Winch open the door (cool +2)

Catholic church
Public school

Stick to the library (cool +2)
Catholic church
Public school

(life +1, rage +1)

Use the truck
Circle around back
Charge! (cool +2)

Jump back
Block (cool +2)

Stick together
Split up (cool +1)

Talk sense into her
Shoot the librarian
Block the librarian (cool +1)

Leave her
Let her go (cool +1, rage -1)

(life +2, rage +1)

Crossfire with Ellie (cool +2)
Shoot through stack

Help Rose
Keep your distance

Create a blockade
Fight on the stairs
Topple a bookshelf (cool +2, life -1)

Use the shotgun
Look for an exit
Tell them to hide (cool +1)

(rage +1, life +2)

Try to rip through the barrier (cool +3, life -4)
Threaten the emissary
Appeal to Rose

Ends with life: 1, cool: 75, rage: 4, money: 66

Score: 2276 (+100 if 0 deaths)
At Death’s door Achievement
Completed Detective’s Choice V3 Achievement
Highest rank for Detective’s Choice V3 Achievement

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