[Medieval Angel 5 -My Destiny- (Part 1)] Walkthrough

Medieval Angel 5 -My Destiny- (Part 1) is a side story of Medieval Cop, a point-and-click series by GeminiGamer (VasantJ). The game features Amber Heart as she tries to save Dregg and… an old friend.


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-Medieval Throwdown-

Hey Hater, you are just a Manipulator. Stop acting like a god damn curator, you are just the lowest common ___________.
Denominator (✓)

So don’t Preach to me, at the beach, my mind is out of your reach, as I have the freedom of ______.
Speech (✓)


You think you are beautiful? I find that disputable, I think it is ______, that you are _____.
Possible/Delusional (✓)

Besides, Beauty is only skin deep, only a matter of time before you true nature Seeps, You give me the _____ so go home and _____.
Creeps/Weep (✓)


You talk like you ____ us, do you even know my ____. I am my own _____, so stop resisting ________…!!!
Reign/Pain/Bane/Birdbrain (✓)

Your life is a _____, so burn in ____, do you finally understand the ______ of my _____.
Tragedy/Agony/Gravity/Insanity (✓)

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

-Water System-
-Map 1: 4 Levers-

To open the malfunctioning door, you need to make all 4 red orbs to the north light up with green. If the leftmost lever/switch is 1 and the rightmost is 4, flip levers 1 and 3. Go through the door.


-Map 2: Fire-

To put out the fire, you need to find a way to reach the knob on the pipe. There’s a stone half-submerged in the water. Stand to its south and push it up. Stand to the right of its new position and push it left. Subsequently, move Amber as need be and push the stone down, right then up. It will hit the knob. Go through the door.


-Map 3: Levers on Walls-

You need to use the rocks to reach the levers on the walls.

  1. For the 1st rock, push it left, up and left.
  2. A green bridge will appear. Cross it and head north to the next puzzle. Push the 2nd rock up.
  3. Another bridge will appear. Cross it and head north. Flip the lever, it will create a bubbly thing that I shall just call a whirlpool to the south of the 3rd rock. Push the 3rd rock down. The rock will move down and get redirected to the right by the whirlpool.
  4. Go back to the lever you just flipped and flip it again to remove the whirlpool. Push the 3rd rock left.
  5. Cross the long bridge that appears. Go right, pass the note on the wall, then go up, pass the 4th rock. Flip the lever. A whirlpool will appear to the south of the 4th rock. Push the 4th rock down.
  6. Cross the short bridge that appears. If the leftmost lever is 1 and the rightmost is 6, flip lever 2, 3, 5 and 6.
  7. Cross the newest bridge that appeared and get the key around the right.
  8. Return to the note then head north to the door. Open and go through it.


-Map 4: Slippery-

  1. Ignore the small door to the right, it can’t be opened for now. Go down to the puzzle.
  2. You won’t be able to navigate as you like because the ground is wet. The obstacles serve as stoppers. Stand to the south of the metal plate that has a statement from the maintenance.
  3. Move down 1 tile, then go right. You will be stopped by an obstacle. Move down, right, up, then right. You should be safely out of the slippery zone.
  4. Go north.

~~walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

-Dimensional Debate-

True Beauty

The reason people like us can’t maintain your beauty standards is because we are—
Working (✓)


First Impression

First Impressions does not depend on beauty itself but on how you look—-
Appropriately (✓)
In the Mirror
With Money
At yourself
At others


Human Nature

Yeah right, I have proof of her innocence.
Eva’s Past
Eva’s Testimony
Eva’s Nature
Eva’s Diary (✓)
Eva’s Information


True Self

Because no matter how I look at it, you are nothing more than his first—
Victim (✓)


-Spirit Realm-
-Map 1-

Go south.

`walkthrough by moshimushi.wordpress.com

-Map 2: Asteroids-

Just like in the slippery zone, you won’t be able to control your movements on the white translucent path. You need to use the Cleaning Crystals (the purple spinning ones) to remove the asteroids that block the way.

  1. Follow the white path down, you should reach the tile left of the lower asteroid of the 2 asteroids. Go up, then left. The Cleaning Crystal to the left will remove the upper asteroid of the 2.
  2. Go right, down, then up. The other Cleaning Crystal will remove the asteroid blocking the way right.
  3. Go down, then right out of the white path. Leave by the stairs to the south.


-Map 3: Barrier-

  1. Go to the left using the ‘<<<‘ stone plate and activate the crystal to the south.
  2. Do the same for the crystal on the right.
  3. Return to the middle platform and use the lower stone plate to jump south. Leave by the stairs.


-Map 4: Arrows-

Step on the rightmost stone plate.


Game Over. Return to Title…?
No… (✓)

Return to Title?
Not yet… (✓)

..? …?
Return to TITLE…?
No, I will wait… (✓)

..? I don’t understand…
There is nothing left. You have lost…
What are you waiting for?

Something to happen… (✓)

..? What…?
What makes yout hink something will happen?
I don’t know… (✓)

You are waiting for something? Even if you don’t know whether it is coming or not?

I… don’t understand? If there is no proof that something will come, why are you waiting? What makes you wait in this unending darkness?
I have ****

You have what?
I have H***

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