[Aura Kingdom 2] Carl Interaction Answers

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Choices that increases affinity by +1

RebeccaTable of Contents  | Aegaeon


According to legend, what caused the landform of Dragonscar Canyon?
The battle between Eight Heroes and the Green Dragon

According to legend, where does Whale Rock come from?
It was the body of a giant whale waiting for its friend.

According to legend, why did the giant whare stop there?
To wait for friends

Are you interested in ancient elven technologies?
A little bit

Do you think Rebecca is into guys like me?

Don’t you agree that people working hard for their goal are great?

House Carlet tried to craft the refined crystal. What happened?
It was a total failure and caused many casualties.

House Carlet tried to craft the refined crystal but it failed and caused many casualties. What was the event called?
Melting Crystal incident

How many players do you need to complete Party Quests?

Legend has it that the Whale Rock was once…
A giant whare that lost its way

Traveling is a different type of…

Whale Rock is the landmark of what place?
Blackanchor Bay

What’s Master Preed’s problem?
He can’t take care of himself

What’s my full name?
Clanster Carlet

What’s my social status?
The young lord of House Carlet

What’s the most famous attraction of Blackanchor Bay?
Whale Rockmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What’s the most famous symbol of House Carlet?
Blackanchor Cannon

What can’t Master Preed differ?
Sugar and salt

What can you do with the fortified equipment when you want to replace it?
Transfer the fortifications to the new equipment

What did House Carlet attempt to craft but failed, causing many casualties?
Refined crystalmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What did we find in Carlet Oldtown?
Refined crystal

What do I study?
Ancient elven technology

What do I think is great?
Working hard for your goal

What do I think of Rebecca?
Strong and beautifulmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What energy does the Blackanchor Cannon use?
Energy from pure crystals

What food do I like?
Anything made by Rebecca

What language can I interpret?
Ancient elven language

What is House Carlet dedicated to?
Technology and science

What is Mt. Fertile famous for?
Pure crystalsmoshimushi.wordpress.com

What is the research focus of Turandot Lab?
Technology of Myos Ruins

What kind of person do you think Rebecca likes?
I have no idea. Should I ask her?

What technology did House Carlet use in an attempt to craft the refined crystal?
Technology of Myos Ruins

What technologies can be called “ancient technologies”?
Elven technologies from a thousand years ago

What title do I have?

What was sealed in Carlet Oldtown?
Demon Anthea

What was the best decision I’ve ever made?
Take on journeys with me

Where is Blackanchor Harbor?
Blackanchor Bay

Where is Meteor Fort?
Meteor Shores

Where is the Blackanchor Cannon?
On the cliff of Mt. Fertile

Where is W. Jungle Temple?
Res. Sanctummoshimushi.wordpress.com

Which alliance does House Carlet belong to?
Grande Alliance

Which faction I am at Turandot Lab?

Which of these two names isn’t from a noble house?

Who’s the god of Zana Tribe?
Prehistoric Beast – Zana

Who’s the master hunter of Goldenwheat Village?

RebeccaTable of Contents  | Aegaeon


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