[Aura Kingdom 2] Rebecca Interaction Answers

Main Menu > Eidolon > Eidolons > Rebecca > Interact > ?

Choices that increases affinity by +1

LeonaTable of Contents  | Carl


At what level can a character join or create a guild?

How many children does my father have?
Only you

How many of the Eight Heroes became Guardian Crystals?

My birth parents were missing because of…
Goldenwheat Village was flooded

No matter what happens, I will do whatever I can to help you
Much appreciated

The members of Autumn Leaf are all…
Impulse buyers

There are the only three Trees of Life?
Sunrise Jungle, Resounding Sanctum, Rottenwood Marsh

To me, Carl is like a…

What’s my father’s hobbit?

What’s my father’s title?
Autumn Hero

What’s my name?

What’s the name of my father?

What are all members of Autumn Leaf good at?

What are the most important things to me?
Your father and Autumn Leaf

What do I call my father to draw the line?

What do I think of Carl?
Smart but talks too much

What do I think of Kira?
Lovely but a bit too naive

What do I think of Lourve?
Very reliable

What food do I like?

What happens when your Eidolon Affinity increases?
The master becomes stronger

What is Lourve like to me?

What is the only thing I still remember about my birth parents?
Your mother’s embrace

What is the requirement for entering Party Dungeons?
Must be in a party

What is the skill that every new member of Autumn Leaf must have?

What my father was afraid of when I was young?
You crying

What organization do I serve?
Autumn Leaf

What protected the Southern Continent from the demon invasion?
Guardian Crystals

What was I surprised about Leona?
How much she eats

What weapon do I use?

When are the Meteor Shores the most beautiful?

When Carl talks too much, sometimes I just want to…
Slap him in his face!

When I was young, my father often took me to…
Watch stars

Where’s my home?
Autumn Leaf

Where did we first meet?
Frontline Fortress, Evereign

Where is Cloudy Terrace?
Meteor Shores

Where is E. Jungle Temple?
Rowtd. Marsh

Where is the Blacksmiths’ Guild?
Blackanchor Bay

Where was I born?
Goldenwheat Village

Which member of Autumn Leaf is like an older brother to me?

Who’s the master hunter of Goldenwheat Village?

Who’s the Post Commander in Mt. Fertile?

Who adopted me after my birth parents went missing?

Who is the leader of Autumn Leaf to me?
Your adoptive father

Who often send me gifts?
Autumn Leaf members

Whom can I trust to watch my back?

Will you want to go back to your own world?
I won’t as long as you are here

LeonaTable of Contents  | Carl


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