[Aura Kingdom 2] Aegaeon Interaction Answers

Main Menu > Eidolon > Eidolons > Aegaeon > Interact > ?

Choices that increases affinity by +1

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Gravity annoys me

I’m the champion of…
The ocean.

I’ve been to Blackanchor Harbor

I don’t care about demons wiping out humans. Why?
The weak are prey to the strong

I don’t like sunny days because…
You will be scorched.

I prefer to float in water rather than in the air

There are many valuable things in the sea
Indeed… When will you get me some pearls?

What’s the old town in Mt. Fertile called?
Carlet Oldtown

What’s the secret that Alucard should never know?
You claim yourself as a water dragon… Obey me or I’ll tell him

What can you achieve by upgrading an Eidolon?
Make them stronger

What can you get by greeting your friends?
Blue Diamonds

What did you use to attack me at Blackanchor Harbor? Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten that!
I think you’re referring to the Blackanchor Cannon. But it wasn’t me, really…

What do I feel about staying somewhere very dry?
You will be quite mad

What do I feel about you humans’ problem?
You don’t want to be a part of this

What do I like better?

What do you have to take with you when you visit me?

What does Babacks suggest me to do to make a living?
Threaten every harbor to pay tributes

What does Cho call Grace?
Young Master

What does the wind from the sea taste like?

What element do I command?

What food do I like?

What happened to Blackanchor Harbor before I showed up?
There were many Sea Elementals

What kind of disaster may I cause?

What should you eat if you want to be smart?

What taste do I like?
The taste of wind from the sea

What were you doing the first time we met?
Keeping you busy at Blackanchor Harbor

When my furious tides wash the enemies away, you should…
Go play with sand

When my skin stays wet, I am…

When you are upgrading a gem, which material you should use to increase the success rate?
High-leveled gems

Where’s my territory?
The ocean

Where did we first meet?
Seashore of Blackanchor Harbor

Where is Meteor Town?
Meteor Shores

Where is S. Jungle Temple?
Sunrise Jungle

Where was I attacked by the Blackanchor Cannon?

Which Eidolon do I fear?

Which Eidolon do I hate?

Which human among other Eidolons do I find interesting?
Babacks… Don’t become a pirate yourself!

Which human noble family do I like the best?

Who’s the Allus Elder that was murdered by the demon lord, Argles?
Urban Kymanmoshimushi.wordpress.com

Who’s the Autumn Leaf receptionist in Goldenwheat Valley?
Lourve (note: bugged question, both answers are Lourve but one is wrong)

Why am I not worried about the demons taking over the land?
Because you live in the sea

Why do I hate the inland?
It’s hot, bright, and dry. Besides, too much gravity

Why do I hate Zephyrus?
His wind will blow you dry

Why do I keep asking you to give me water?
You become quite irritable when you are dry

Why do I like the Fuyutsuki Family?
They know how to appreciate raw fish slices

CarlTable of Contents  | Valk


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