[Aura Kingdom 2] Valk Interaction Answers

Main Menu > Eidolon > Eidolons > Valk > Interact > ?

Choices that increases affinity by +1

AegaeonTable of Contents  | Leona


For whom did I get involved in the War of the Stones?

How much can I drink?
Best among the Eight Heroes

How much could Pirate Lad drink?
3 mugs at most

How old was Rin when I first met her?

I feel like I should have a…

No matter what I do, I always…
Have a clear conscience.

Originally, what was the purpose of my journey?
Find a way back to your own world

Pirate was a bit too coward when he’s facing…

What’s my name?

What’s the name of the weapon I forged for Leona?
Dragon Bow

What am I most famous for?

What do I call Babacks?
Pirate Lad

What do I feel sorry for?
Rin sacrificed herself when she was so young

What do I like to do when I feel bored?

What do you do to ask an Eidolon help you in combat?
Add them into an Eidolon Squad

What kind of limit is there for dungeons?
Loot Counts. You won’t get any more loot and EXP once reach the limit.

What people do I hate the most?

What title do I have?
Blacksmith Master

Where did Rin and I go at the end of the War of the Stones?
The Big Island

Who’s my drinking company?

Who’s Pirate Lad?

Who’s the best cook among the Eight Heroes?

Who’s the first Eidolon you receive in the game?

Who’s the one I cared the most among the Eight Heroes?

Who’s the servant of Grace?

Who are the hope of the future?

Who could drink more between Leona and Serville?

Who used to eat the most?

Who was always saying she couldn’t drink much?

Who was often quarreling with me?

Why do I like children?
They are the hope of the future.

AegaeonTable of Contents  | Leona

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