[Tears of Themis] Festive Games – Compatibility Test – Trial of Love Answers (Luke)

Event: Stellis Celebration – Blissful Fête

Table of Contents | Marius

“Roses are red…” What is the next phrase to this love poem?
Violets are blue

142857 is a mysterious number. What is 2 times this number?

Can Luke handle spicy food?
Not good at it

Does Luke smoke?

Does Luke talk in his sleep?

How did Luke get accepted into National Central University?
Special recruitment

How many abs does Luke have?

If you were stranded on a remote island and a ship is passing by an island, how can you send out an SOS signal?
Make a fire

In middle school, you and Luke played charades. Which of the following words did Luke not guess?

In the escape room, what was the name of the damaged AI robot?

In what major did Luke get accepted into National Central University?

Luke enjoyed watching darts competition when he was young. The dartboard is divided into how many parts?

Luke explained that it’s easy to discover if flower petals are poisonous, because:
The petals will wilt from the poison

Luke once made a specialty cocktail for you. Its name was:
Angel’s Kiss

Luke once said “aqui te amo” to you. What does it mean in Spanish?
I love you

Luke’s birthday is in December. Which of the 24 solar terms is closes to Luke’s birthday?
Winter solstice

Luke showcased his skateboarding prowess to you on a variety show. How many wheels does a skateboard have?

No matter if it’s a workday or a holiday, what time does Luke wake up in the morning?

No matter where he is or what he’s doing, what does Luke always place first?
Your safety

Peanut, Luke’s pet, is a type of

Rather than share his troubles with you, Luke would much rather
Accept sole responsibility

Street skateboarding was evolved from which sport?

Twenty Love Poems and A Desperate Song is a collection of poems by:


What’s the most important thing to Luke?
Sherlock Holmes’ treasure chest

What’s the name of Luke’s antique shop?
Time’s Antiquities

What hidden hobbies did Luke secretly have in high school?

What is Luke’s codename in NXX?

What is the precipitation rate of “light rain”?
<10 mm per hour

What is the true identity of “Sphynx?”
Aaron Yishmir

What job did Luke take in a bar while on a detective case?

What kind of cuisine is Luke’s tomato omelette?
Home cooking

What self-defense tool was hidden in the lipstick Luke gave you?
Anesthetic needle

When entering a laboratory, which of the following attires is prohibited?
Vest with shorts

When Luke was young, he couldn’t be found at the Starry Light Show because he went looking for…?
The Land God

When surviving in the wilderness, how can you find a fresh source of water?
Look for animals and insects, such as birds or frogs

When you and Luke were young, which neighbor’s house did you two frequent for dinner?
Granny Jones

When you get lost unexpectedly in a cave or other place, you can use the echo to determine where the exit. If the echo gets smaller, it means
There’s a path ahead

When you pretend to be angry, what would Luke do?
Explain to you in a panic

When you’re lost in a forest without a compass, what can you use with the sun to determine your direction?
Pointer watch

Where did you and Luke promise to go together at the age of 18?

Which of the following does Luke belong to?
Economic and Technological Crime Division, National Security Bureau

Which of the following is Luke not good at?
Come up with a name

Which of the following is not a metal?

Which of the following is not conductive?
Rubber gloves

You and Luke took a course at the Faerie Academy. Where is the academy located on Skadi Island?


Table of Contents | Marius


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