[Tears of Themis] Festive Games – Compatibility Test – Trial of Love Answers (Vyn)

Event: Stellis Celebration – Blissful Fête

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“People’s first impressions will dominate.” In Vyn’s open psychology class, what effects did he teach?
Primacy effect

“Salut d’Amour” is a musical work by which English composer?
Edward Elgar

After experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, the involuntary and repeated flashback of the memory most closely represents which of the following mental illness
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Because patients trust their doctors, drugs that have no therapeutic effect have been shown to relieve symptoms. This effect is called
Placebo Effect

Believing your increased heartbeat is due to meeting another person, not nervousness. This is a psychological phenomenon known as
The suspension bridge effect

Does everyone with autism excel at something?

Dr. Richter treats Kirstie Gonzales, who is a patient with multiple personality disorder, which is also known as
Dissociative Identity Disorder

Freud divided our consciousness into the unconscious, conscious, and what?

In horticulture, plants are usually trimmed based on which principle in botany?
Apical dominance

In psychology, what is another name for autism?

In the Manor of Hermes, the lobotomy that Grady was going to perform on Grady, also known as the “Nobel’s Shame,” was awarded the Nobel prize in 1949 for which category?
Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

In Vyn’s dressage duel, which piece did you play for Vyn?
Salut d’ Amour

Letting visitors recreate life by placing a combination of toys in a box filled with sand. This clinical technique is known in psychology as
Sandplay Therapy

Oedipus complex is a term used by the psychoanalytic school of psychology. Which character in Greek mythology did this originate from?

On which hand does Vyn usually wear his watch?
Left hand

One of the few things that Vyn isn’t good at is
Repairing water pipes

Stellis Ballet Troupe tours around the world in many countries. What do most male performers wear on their feet?
Shoes with soft sole

The “pirouette rotation” in dressage comes from which dance form?

The peacock dance is the traditional dance of which nationality?

The story of Odin, the god of knowledge, that Vyn read to Hugh Moss at the Mental Health Research Center comes from?
Norse Mythology

The study of psychology was considered to be a branch of theology by the Church of Svart. In reality, psychology is
A science


Vyn invited you to a piano recital by Richard Clayderman. Which famous piano pieces are you likely to hear in the recital?
Maricge D’amour

Vyn invites you to watch the Street Speed Skating Competition together. Where did he say that Speed Skating first originate?

Vyn is exceptional at learning new things. In the ancient town of the neighboring province, he learned to

Vyn is good at examining
Grape Wine

Vyn is making tea at NXX Headquarters. Which type of tea is it most likely to be?
Black tea

Vyn is primarily responsible for the investigation and study of what cases?
Mental disorder cases

Vyn used magic to give you a gift. What was it?
Flower hairpin

What glass product did Vyn gift you on Skadi Island?

What is the correct name fo the mental disorder that Janus Beaufort has?
Bipolar disorder

What is the color of Vyn’s eyes?

What is the color of Vyn’s hair?

What is the identity of You-Know-Whom the leader behind the PUA training organization?
Wesley Dunn

What is the name of Vyn’s butler?
Ogier Wechsler

What is the name of Vyn’s mother?

What is Vyn’s middle name?

What time does Vyn wake up during weekdays?

When Vyn was evaluating you to become a member of NXX, he was playing “Emperor,” which is a string quartet in C major played by which musician?

When you are expressing your gratitude and thanks to Vyn, he will mostly respond with
My pleasure

Where did you and Vyn first meet?
Study, Vyn’s Residence

Where is Vyn’s hometown?

Which of the following would best describe Vyn?

Which of the following is a predominant figure in classical music?

Which of the following is a treatment method to help people with autism?
Early intervention

Which of the following is not a type of Psychotherapy?
Abusive Psychotherapy

Which of the following psychologists was the founder of the school of psychoanalysis?
Sigmund Freud

Which of the following sports is Vyn good in?

Which poker card did Vyn use in your first encounter with him?
Ace of Hearts

Who invented the Tesla Coil Vyn showed you?

Who was Erin Modero’s primary physician in the Manor of Hermes?

Who was “god of thunder” in Norse mythology?


Table of Contents | Marius


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