[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 1 (Part 2) Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

Chapter 1 (Part 1) | Table of Contents | Chapter 2

1F [Boundary, Magic, Summoner]

Stage 1-9

Fili Pfeper? Tharaval? What?
What’s this all of a sudden

Yay, we connected (+ Pollux)
I don’t get it
So immature…

Alpheratz, you need to apologize (+ Spica)
Come on, Spica… (+ Alpheratz)
Stop fighting

And you’re a Fili Pfeper, Arcturus?
Where do you guys belong? (+ Spica)

I wanna join a clan too
I want nothing to do with clans
Guess none of this concerns me anyway

Take me with you!
Alright, later!


Stage 1-13

Take a sip
Examine the cup
Look out the window

Why would the Principal…
I wanna know what you’re thinking

Sure (+ Spica)
What do you mean, test?
You might regret it

Thanks in advance for the help
I wouldn’t wanna do that
Can I call you for private reasons?

Wear it
Ask him to help with the clasp
Let Spica wear it

Why not? (+ Pollux)
Mail and what?

I love it!
Not quite my style
It feels like someone’s been using it

Pull Pollux towards you (+ Pollux)
Grab Arcturus (+ Arcturus)
Cover your head


Stage 1-17

They had it coming (+ Alpheratz)
You didn’t have to do this (+ Arcturus)
I don’t think much either…

They were going to show me around
We heard an explosion…
I’m never in a hurry

It’s fun to be around you guys
I’m so tired…
I don’t think you know what real chaos looks like

He told me about the mansion
He was intense
We were on fire

I want you to come with us (+ Pollux)
I think we have enough tour guides

I don’t want to go without you
Let’s let him rest (+ Alpheratz)
I wanna see you get angry


Stage 1-20

I’m fine, I know it’s a joke
Embarrass how?
Arcturus and his kinks… (+ Pollux)

Are you talking about Disasters?
Yeah, that thing looks ominous as hell…
I don’t really care

What’re you getting at?
My heart’s pounding

You guys seem friendly enough
Teamwork’s important I guess
What is this, preschool?

I sure can
Why should I care? (+ Sirius)
Get even closer to his face

Sirius should be the one apologizing
Thanks, perfect timing
I had this under control (+ Sirius)


Stage 1-23

I’ll try harder (+ Vega)
This wasn’t my call
Are you jealous?

Well screw them. Why should I care?
Someone could, you never know…
I don’t need you either!

I thought this was some sort of special organization
I refuse!
I need time to think

Spica probably did what he had to
Forced membership? Sounds awful
What tradition? What’s he talking about?

Do I have to go too?
What pilgrimage?

I won’t regret it (+ Spica)
Why are you being so mean?
Why can’t you be nicer?

I’m fine, thanks to you
That was nothing
My heart’s pounding

Arcturus will be back soon
Why do you sound so sinister?
I wanted to be with you alone too


Chapter 1 (Part 1) | Table of Contents | Chapter 2

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