[Arcana Twilight] Story Chapter 1 (Part 1) Affection Gain

Choices that increase affection level are marked! You can replay stages to pick choices you didn’t pick.

SOS Interactions | Table of Contents | Chapter 1 (Part 2)

1F [Boundary, Magic, Summoner]

Stage 1-1

Find out what’s making the sound
Wake up from this dream

Do something
Can’t move

I’m so dead!

Wait, that’s no star
A person!

Help! This monster’s chasing me!
Says the guy who popped out of nowhere!
You’re the guy from my dream… …

Who are you? What is this place?
So this is what a lucid dream feels like!
Well aren’t you a looker…

Introduce yourself (+ Spica)
Don’t answer

You kidnapped me!
Stop acting like we’re friends
Thanks for the help (+ Arcturus)

So I’m the transfer student… …
Screw all this, send me home!
Stella what?

Magical talent?

Guess there’s no other choice
I’d rather not be a student anywhere
Could you explain everything in more detail (+ Spica)


Stage 1-2

We have something similar back home
Piece of cake
… … … …

That’s very impressive! (+ Arcturus)
I don’t care
Let me join too

Did I do something wrong?
He looks upset
Take me with you… …

Coffee please (+ Spica)
Juice sounds good (+ Arcturus)
Water’s fine

So you two don’t get along
So you two are best friends
So loud… …

Is this everyone?

It’s not!!!
Yeah, I guess…

That’s not very kind…
Thanks for the encouragement

Eh, it’s a rumor
What a god-awful rumor
Where is this destiny thing coming from?

Mid what? Rift?

Explain it yourself
Let Arcturus explain

I never asked for this
Alright, let’s make this work! (+ Alpheratz)
So transfer student it is…


Stage 1-3

Nice to meet you
Well aren’t you pretentious (+ Sirius)

I love it
It’s lame

I like it too!
Arcturus, you seem more excited than I am
Please stop calling me by that awkward title!

The tower of what?

Send them back where?
Being a sorcerer sounds tough

We should go help
What do you guys want me to do?
I’ve got nothing to do with this

You really suck at something, I get it
Cheater (+ Pollux)
Someone stop these two…

I will
I don’t really have a choice anyway

Follow the sorcerers

Call out their names
Look for them
Stay where you are

Yeah, sorry
Do you know me?

I transferred today
I’m looking for my friends
I’m here to see you

Check what?

Thanks for finding me
You’re the ones who disappeared

Yes (+ Vega)
Ignore him

Sorry, I’ll be right there
I was momentarily distracted…
Why are you rushing me?


Stage 1-6

No, what about you, Arcturus? (+ Arcturus)
I was terrified
Nah, it was a cakewalk

I can become a sorcerer too? (+ Spica)
This is a lot to take in

I don’t know
I love it
You wanna know how I feel?

Are you going somewhere?
I get it, you need some alone time
Come with us, Vega (+ Vega)


SOS Interactions | Table of Contents | Chapter 1 (Part 2)


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