[Zombie High] V2 Walkthrough

See the choice compendium for V2 here.

V2 Ranks

700+ – Zeta’s one-and-only celebrity!
500+ – 2 cool 4 school!
300+ – Pretty cool
100+ – Kinda ditzy, but OK overall
< 100 – Brainwashed fecto!

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Tell him the truth
Let someone else explain
Throw a hissy fit (Whiner achievement, cool +1)

Grab the gun
Use your crowbars (bullets +2, cool +2)
Shut the door

Sry about Dana (humanity +1)
U looked cute 2day
What’s up with tabletop file?

(bullets +2, mum gives bullets)

Just sigh and shrug
Tell Tatum that’s not cool (humanity +1)
Yes, the school is better for it

Pay attention to the lecture
Flirt with Tommy (cool +1)
Strategize about Dr. Franklin

Yes (humanity +1)
Dodge the question

Be encouraging (humanity +1)
Rub her nose in it
Stay out of it

Dance like Tommy (humanity +1, cool +1)
Conventional dance
Make something up

Kill them
Confront them (humanity +1)

Take the shot (bullets 1) (bullet -1, cool +2)
Do not shoot

Guitar (cool +2)

Wave her away
Sign it with words of wisdom (cool +1)
Insult her

Shoot him with your gun
Use your drill guitar on him (cool +1)
Continue playing
Make a run for it

(Superstar! achievement)

Ignore her
Stop and talk (cool +1)

No thanks
Sure (cool +1)

‘Actually, it is true. She loves me.’
‘Obviously, just a rumor.’
‘I do not kiss-and-tell!’ (cool +1)

Bullets (bullets +2)
Makeover (cool +2)

Let it slide
Throw a fit
Threaten her

Reveal yourself (bullet +1, cool +1)
Keep your mask on

Untie the woman
Not yet

Knock her out
Pin her down
Convince her to be quiet

Stay hidden
Attack with guns
Attack with crowbars
Impersonate Toxifarians (cool +2, Impersonator achievement)

Use gun (bullets 1) (bullet -1, cool +1)
Use crowbar
Take mask off



Save Emma with your gun
Save Emma with your crowbar (bullets +2, humanity +1, infection +1)
Take Chase and run

Let Tommy kill him
Let him talk (humanity +1)

Tell everyone to not eat them
Just eat the doughnuts

Ignore him
Give him a bullet
Shoot him (bullets 1)

Act normal and hope for the best
Tell her your parents work there
Have Benji cause a distraction

Try to sweet-talk her
Bribe her with a bullet (bullet -1)
Ask Ricardo instead
Ask Beverly instead

Ask him to show it to you
Snatch it out of his pocket
Who cares? Go to the garden!

Start taking photos
Ask to take photos
Take photos discretely (cool +3, humanity -1)


Start shooting (bullets 3) (bullets-3, infection +1)
Use Crowbar

Wooden stake
Hedge shears

Help him downstairs (humanity +1, infection +1)
Leave him
Bring him back upstairs

Let the VMs in and run
Warn the guards about the VMs (cool +1)
Smile and quickly move on

Get in
No thanks (cool +2)

Go willingly
Use your gun (bullet -1, cool +2)
Use your crowbar
Use your spray

Tell the truth
Refuse to answer

They’re dead
They’re alive and safe
I don’t know

Tell him who you are
Offer to be the new Toxifarians (cool +2)
Offer to be his Zeta Sector spy

I don’t remember (cool +1)
I was scared
Let me tell what really happened…


Ends with Infect: 3, Cool: 32, Ammo: 0, Humanity: 8

Score: 1170
Completed Zombie High V2 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High v2 Achievement
Crushed it! Achievement

Previous Volume  |  Table of Contents  |  Next Volume


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