[Zombie High] V3 Walkthrough

See the choice compendium for V3 here.

V3 Ranks

900+ – Zeta’s Greatest Booty Kicker!
600+ – Beloved Kid A
400+ – Pretty cool
200+ – Kinda ditzy, but OK overall
< 200 – Brainwashed fecto!

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Make up a reason to eye scan now

Eye scan them tonight
Search their bedroom later

Just be polite
Compliment him
Play it cool

‘Yup, that’s me.’
‘Tommy said I am pretty? Awww!’ (cool +2)
Say nothing and blush

Talk to the girls
Ask to speak to Kristin alone
Leave for now

Give up Kid A
Bribe her with bullets
Appeal to her good side
Threaten her with physical harm (humanity -1, cool +3)

Polite, but a little aloof
Prompt him to do the talking (cool +2)

Say ‘Bell is about to ring, ladies.’
Leave them to it
Put your hand on Sven’s arm

Shoot eye scanner from recycle bin
Make up reason for scanning him
Just question him

Go with him
Decline and head for class
Pull Opal on him

Try to use Opal (infection +3, cool +2)
Be defensive
Offensive hand-to-hand

Tell them about HFVMs
Excuse yourself and go find Val

Sven (cool +2)

Just you
You and Val
You and Tommy (cool +2)

Call out her name
Pull her off
Close in with crowbar (cool +2)
Shoot her
Let things take their course

Pull out Opal
Hit her with the crowbar
Talk your way past her

Try to get a keycard from Miles
Ask Sven to break in
Do the office visit trick

Use your feminine charm
Bribe him
Bash into him to pickpocket (cool +2)

Knock on the pod
Stake out the place (cool +1)
Use the lock override

For tutoring
Thank him for Toxifarian referral
To weed the garden

Yes, our parents know (cool +2, Nice deduction achievement)

Use Opal (cool +2)
Use Crowbar
Pull her off


Ignore them
Impersonate Mrs. Franklin’s voice (cool +2)
Talk to them

Take the lead
Make someone else do it
Take a minute to consider this

Use the flour
Throw the blanket (cool +2)
Wasting time! You go down

Try to assist Sven
Watch the surveillance monitors (cool +2)
Help do a final sweep

Go up and look for a back door
Go up and close the hatch (cool +1)
Ambush him
Go get him!

Set up an ambush
Search for a way out (cool +2)

‘Let’s go, then.’
‘Let’s talk here and quickly.’
‘Sorry, not now.’

Tell her the truth
Sorry, you don’t know

Val (cool +3)
None of them

Talk to your parents (cool +1, humanity +1)
Talk to Dr. Franklin
Watch and wait

Talk to Dr. Franklin
Watch and wait

Bluff him
Pretend to be a HFVM (cool +3)


Pull gun ‘Freeze, Chase.’
Shoot him
Tackle him
Take no action yet

Shoot her
Make a deal
Blubber and cry (infection +2)

Wait here and cover the hallway
Go back to the cages
Try to track Val

Take the shot (infection +1)

Cook the grenade
Surrender and hide the grenade (cool +3)
Blitz (grenade and then close in)

Hug Sven
Hug Tommy (cool +2)
No time for this!


Ends with Infect: 5, Cool: 43, Humanity: 0,

Score: 1240 (bonus +100 if deaths 0, =1340)
Completed Zombie High V3 Achievement
Highest rank for Zombie High v3 Achievement

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